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About REMARQUE Co., Ltd.

Bicycle Tools
Page 1 (folding tools)
Page 2 (allen key, hex wrench,
            allen & hex folding tool)

Page 3 (folding tools)
Page 4 (tool set, gear box wrench,
            y-type sockets)

Page 5 (bb, crank, chain, freewheel)
Page 6 (wheel, repair kit, mulit tools)
Page 7 (cable, hammer)
Page 1 (cycling socks)

Quick Coupler (Zink)
Page 1 (one hand)

Bike Parts
Page 1 (reflectors)

Page 2 (bar end, fender

Page 1 (alloy, titanium)
Bicycle / Sport Pumps
Page 1 (traditional frame pumps)
Page 2 (sport pump, saddle pump)
Page 3 (air hose, pump clips, valve
                adapter, rim adapter
Page 4 (inflating needle)
Page 5 (pressure gauge)

Gym Articles
Page 1 (ball, ring, roller)
Page 2 (weight, balance)
Page 3 (exercise, pilates)
Page 4 (mats, bricks)
Page 5 (body, hoop)
Page 6 (jump, massage)
Page 7 (massage, rehab)
Page 8, (rehab, aquatic)

I am very glad that you found the homepage of REMARQUE Co., Ltd. Welcome!

More than 40 years ago I was born in Reutlingen, a relatively small city in the south-western part of Germany. Even before I graduated in International and Wholesale trade in the beginning of the 80s, I developed an interest in Asia with their rich and diverse cultures.

After some private developments I decided to move to the beautiful island of Taiwan in 1989, right after the violent Beijing or Peking Tiananmen crackdown of innocent Chinese students and before the peaceful fall of the Berlin Wall.

I have been quite successfully working for a Taiwanese trader of socks, supplying all major mail-order companies and department-stores in Europe. To cheat me out of my deserved commissions I got fired. Instead of complaining I took this as a chance to start my own company, Remarque Co., Ltd., in 1994.

Since then the Taiwanese economy grew rapidly from a cheap, low end and labor-intensive producer to a world-class OEM-manufacturing base for important trademarks. On my pages you will only find such quality items produced by skilled Taiwanese professionals. Neither children nor cheap migrant workers without any rights, a common practice in Mainland China, are employed.

Taiwan is also called the 'Republic of China'. This name might lead to the wrong assumption that the former Formosa (Portuguese for 'the beautiful island') is a part of the Communist People's Republic of China. This is simply wrong! In 1958 Mainland China tried to capture the Taiwanese controlled island of Kinmen by force, after 44 days of fierce battle Taiwanese army was victorious.

Since the Nixon administration shifted their favor to Mainland China in the beginning of the 1970s, the United Nation's Chinese seat was transferred from Taiwan to Mainland China. Since then Taiwan is internationally isolated, different local government tried in vain to be part of the international community as a responsible member but even the bid to join the International Red Cross was successfully blocked by the Communists in the Mainland.

Nevertheless, today Taiwan is still an independent country with its own democratic elected government and a lively, free opposition. The constitution was written by the government in 1949 and is enforced by its own defense and police forces. A free press is closely watching over the government's actions which also led to the arrest of the former president Chen Shui-Bian on fraud and mishandling of government funds during his administration. An independent court sentenced him to a long prison term.

During these busy times we always tried to keep our core value: customers first. We are willing to go the extra mile for you, constantly striving for better and alternative ways like specific packing. We try to keep low minimum order quantities at reasonable prices.

Please stay for a while and look around. If you should find some interesting items, have questions or suggestions I would be more than glad to help you.

Beside my company I am interested in quite different things. Traveling is my great passion, together with cycling and photography they match and complete quite interestingly.

Hopefully I can hear from you.



Gerhard Wanninger
An original customer's comment in German: ..."Hallo Herr Wanninger, besten Dank für die Lieferung. Sie ist angekommen und sieht dem Kundenwunsch entsprechend gut aus! - Die
Jungs drohen mit einem weiteren Auftrag; - Mal sehen?! Danke nochmals und hoffe, sie hören bald wieder von uns!"